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AICA Services Inc. – Malcolm D’Souza – Executive Vice-President

Yellowblox is a critical tool for our organization, helping us to efficiently manage our communication and data sharing requirements with underwriters, brokers and other business partners.   Its intuitive, common-sense interface simplifies the communication process and enables our staff and partners to quickly input, share and access information.

Our firm has used Yellowblox as our central claims repository, providing a secure place to manage our data.  It’s been fantastic in facilitating communication and approval processes with our program’s underwriters and brokers.  Yellowblox allows us to provide quick, controlled up-to-date access to a claim’s progress, history and transaction information.

I would recommend Yellowblox to any insurance organization looking to have an effective, efficient and economic communication and data management system.

Ark Syndicate Management - Richard Bryant – Senior Underwriter

“I’ve used the Yellowblox system for about seven years now, and I’ve never had a problem with it. For me, the best thing about it is it is pretty straightforward:  it does what it says it will do. We use the Yellowblox system on about four programmes, and this is ever-expanding.

The main reason we use it is for submissions of risk. It gives a summary of the cover requested and each is either declined or accepted. It leaves a good audit trail – the time it was sent in and when it was responded to – and it is all easy to follow. I would recommend the system, and have done in the past.”

Besso Re - Garry Bright – Operations Director

London reinsurance brokers Besso Re started using Yellowblox because an increasing number of their clients – insurers reporting to reinsurers – were using the system. The company’s day-to-day operation efficiency has been improved by using Yellowblox to communicate quickly with insurers and reinsurers. Besso Re uses Yellowblox primarily for three purposes: to receive claims from clients; to input claims for clients; and to receive submissions on individual accounts for placement.

Garry Bright, Besso Re’s Operations Director, said: “Our clients say that it is really easy to use and that they like using it. We have also found that it is simple to use. Yellowblox allows you to store basic information on a live system that generates an accurate trail of use.  We can triangulate information and export it to Excel, which is very useful.

“We are now using a lot more of the Yellowblox facilities than we did before. Using Yellowblox makes placements easier and we can turn around quotes quicker – all with an audit trail.

“It’s all very well using email, but if someone doesn’t get copied in on the email at any stage in the process, they are out of the loop, whereas with Yellowblox, all interested parties can access the relevant information round the clock and they are automatically given an email alert when new information has been inputted.

“We really like Yellowblox and we have recommended the service to other clients.”

CAMICO - Gwen Theus – Lead Underwriting and Policy Specialist

“Yellowblox allows for simultaneous electronic submission of information to multiple parties.  It also acts as a centralized warehouse for our communications with reinsurers.”

Cassels Brock - Brian Reeve – Partner

“I have been a user of Yellowblox for over five years and have been very pleased with it in all respects. Yellowblox is very user-friendly as well as flexible. It has been an important tool that has greatly assisted in communication between the Canadian branch of Aspen insurance and the head office in London.

Yellowblox has served as an efficient  place for a variety of records of  the Canadian branch to be stored. I have recommended Yellowblox to several other clients and confirmed that it appears to be one of the best software packages for insurance companies that is currently available.”

Southern Preferred MGA - Don Nixon – President

“Yellowblox is a great tool in bridging the time difference between the US and the UK. It allows 24/7 access to parties on both sides in order to make it easier to do business. Yellowblox provides speedy written confirmation of details, all in one convenient location. Yellowblox extremely useful, especially on short notice items.

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