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Coverholder Management

Binder & Line Slip Solutions


  • Yellowblox offers you access to its library of existing workflow solutions or lets you create a completely new workflow to fit your business needs.
  • Whether you need a workflow to reflect, a class of business, a type of business, a particular contract, a pre-existing physical workflow, or to match an existing workflow solution – Yellowblox can provide the answer for you.
  • Yellowblox bespoke workflow solutions include the ability to restrict the visibility of certain information, allocate information to certain individuals/teams or simply follow a required business practice.
  • Talk to one of the Yellowblox team today about how our workflow solutions maybe able to help streamline your business and enable better decision making.

Multiple approval parties

  • Whether you are working on an automatic, prior submit, or special acceptance binder, or on a line slip, Yellowblox allows you to to work with multiple approval options and split workflows.
  • Yellowblox has the capacity to operate a contract across markets, across continents, and across complicated contractual terms.
  • Yellowblox enables multiple, consecutive, or simultaneous approval parties on workflows for claims or policies to enable all the involved parties to stayed informed and take part in the decision making process.

Document & File Creation

Yellowblox has the capability to create any Word, Excel or PDF document you need to process your workload

  • Rating sheets
    • Yellowblox can create Excel files complete with complicated formulae and layouts from the data held in the system. This enables us to provide you and your peers with invaluable access to rating sheets on policies or claims analysis templates as the need dictates.
  • Policy documents
    • Yellowblox can create the policy documentation required to fulfil your business requirements and contract certainty obligations directly in the system from the information provided.
    • The system can allow users to select the endorsements required and attach them in a single file for viewing and distribution as a complete package.
    • Why not discuss the file creation option at Yellowblox with one of our team?

Reporting and Reviewing

  • Custom reports and bordereau creation.
    • Yellowblox can create any report you need to be able to see from the available information.
    • Yellowblox can automatically create time stamped bordereau reports and distribute them to the people who need to see them.
    • Yellowblox can save you time and money by removing time-intensive administrative tasks.
  • Drill Down – macro to micro and back again
    • Most Yellowblox reports include the ability to drill down into the data to see exactly what the figures are constituted of, and to go back out again to the high level figures.
    • This gives end users with the best of both worlds: macro level decision-making tools and micro level processing capability.
    • Talk to one of the Yellowblox team about how these services can work for you.
  • Export into Excel
    • Yellowblox reports are displayed on the screen for you but can be sent to colleagues or exported into Excel for further, more individual, analysis.
    • This is an essential tool to enable all parties to perform their own analysis on the data but without labour-intensive copying or re-keying of data.

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