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Internal Management


  • Yellowblox helps you meet your regulatory requirements on your branch business by providing your third parties and the regulator access to the information they need.
  • Yellowblox allows in-situ representatives to display key information to the regulators, sign important documents, and appraise you of changes as and when they happen.
  • Yellowblox lets you operate a branch business without the need to have a costly office presence and to stay in control of the business you are a party to.
  • Yellowblox in operation for Australian and Canadian business and has been audited by both APRA and OSFI

Claims Review

  • Yellowblox allows you to manage the claims review process on a departmental or business level.
  • Yellowblox lets you determine which accounts are due for a review, who will action it, and what the deliverables are.
  • Yellowblox allows you to communicate directly with the appointed third parties and for all their work to be delivered to you online with a complete audit trail, enabling rapid responses and secure transmission of information.

Third Party Advisor interaction/allocation

  • Through our bespoke workflow management solutions, it is possible to have an array of Third Party Advisors available to you and selected on a per claim/per contract basis. They will only see the information pertaining to the claims which you assign to them.
  • The third parties will be able to see all the information you wish them to see and provide detailed information back to you. This enables you to deal with multiple parties through the same portal, reducing your workload and enabling faster communication with your suppliers.

Submission process

  • Yellowblox helps companies manage the submissions process whether they are underwriters or brokers.
  • Yellowblox’s bespoke workflow technology controls the incoming and outgoing information related to submissions and ensure the right people are auctioned at the right times. So that no business is lost, and all procedures are followed correctly.
  • Why not talk to Yellowblox today about how we can help you with a customised solution?

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