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Integration & Messaging

Front end for coverholders, underwriters, and/or brokers

  • Brandable solution to allow clients and all participants to take part in your processes and designed to suit your business needs.
  • Yellowblox provides the online workflow tool for your business.
  • Complete management tool for MGA’s, insurers, RRGs and captives, so that they can run their business and you can monitor their performance – with clear lines of data security to allow for certain details to remain within the areas they belong.

Integration with both in-house and market systems

  • Yellowblox allows straight-through processing of incoming claims data into the market settlement systems and through to payment.
  • Yellowblox can facilitate the integration with in-house systems so that re-keying becomes a thing of the last, and all information can flow into and out of the areas required.

A complete tool for coverholders to process their business and report effectively and efficiently to the required reinsurers

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