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Claims Management

Claims Notification

  • Yellowblox is designed specifically to enable claims notification from cedant to insurers, or from brokers to the following market.
  • Claims can be entered with all the relevant details, from a brief synopsis through to complete file attachments, legal reviews, external opinion, detailed financials, and all necessary participants will be automatically informed.
  • The major attraction for cedants is having access to all the information and communicating directly with the (re)insurers with a complete audit trail in place.

Claims Agreement/Settlement

  • Once entered (or uploaded) into the Yellowblox system, the data can be used for claims negotiations, claims management, and for the agreement and settlement of claims.
  • Via our links into the London market repository, it is easy to ensure full interaction with the cedant, full disclosure to the market, process through existing settlement systems.
  • The Yellowblox system is customisable to allow the level of interaction with underwriter, broker, cedant, Third Party Advisors and market systems to be defined on a per contract basis.

Restricted views / TPA assignment

  • Via our advanced filtering technology, you can restrict who can see the data, and determine claims levels at which notifications should be transmitted.
  • Through our bespoke workflow management solutions, it is possible to have an array of Third Party Advisors available to you and selected on a per claim basis. They will only see the information pertaining to the claims which you assign to them.
  • These functions enable you to stay in control over who sees what and when, making automated solutions more personal.

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