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Accounting & Settlement

A complete solution for the processing of all claims into one or two markets

  • With Yellowblox’s split workflow solution, you can notify, manage and settle claims through two markets simultaneously, catering for almost any contract type.
  • Yellowblox can be used to settle claims on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis delivering the response levels your clients require.


  • Our workflow solutions allow for all claims payment to be relayed and authorised by the appropriate party without interfering in the cedants’ running of their business.
  • Yellowblox allows multiple approval parties from different markets and geographic locations, enabling large contracts to be responded to quickly and efficiently.
  • Yellowblox provides a value-added service to all parties involved: streamlining the process, reducing administrative tasks, improving response time, and enhancing the information available for decision making.

Reporting / Bordereau

  • Yellowblox produces detailed claims bordereau for all participants in an agreed format and on set delivery timescales. This means that everyone can access the bordereau quickly and easily, reducing the need for reminders to be sent.
  • Yellowblox’s bordereau reports are all designed for full drill-down capability. This means users can go from a helicopter high level view down into the real details and back again with a few clicks of a button.
  • Yellowblox’s automated reporting enables you to stay in control of your business and provides the analysis you need to stay on top of your capital.

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