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Validation and Error Handling


  • The key issue with any automated system is that you can be confident that the information in and out of the system is accurate and makes sense to the ultimate users .
  • Yellowblox has put in place a thorough extract, transform and load (ETL) service which allows you to import information from many different sources and with information received by FTPS, email, XML or attachment directly to the system.
  • These services have limited value unless you can be confident the information is accurate. With Yellowblox, you can be confident.
  • Yellowblox will always spend as much time as is necessary to discuss the data being received and what validation rules should be put in place to ensure that the information being worked on is accurate.

Error Handling Processes

  • Whenever information is received from an external source, Yellowblox follows strict validation rules to ensure that the information is accurate and correct (as far as it is possible to tell automatically).
  • When these procedures are followed, it is essential that the error handling practices complement the process. Yellowblox will send back the incorrect data and not import anything that is questionable. Appropriate procedures are put in place to ensure that the information utilised in the system is as accurate as possible, and that any data gaps are correctly filled before processing continues.
  • These processes ensure that you have the confidence necessary to make decisions based upon the information at hand.

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