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Yellowblox Releases Rate Quote Bind System

Yellowblox has enhanced its service offerings by releasing a new Rate Quote Bind (RQB) system which allows coverholders, brokers, or underwriters to enter submissions, rate them and process them seamlessly through to bound policies. This new RQB system provides all the necessary workflow capabilities, document creation, financial reconciliation and reporting required to manage binder policies from start to finish.

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Yellowblox Provides Formatted Excel Reports

To help its customers with a more targeted delivery of service and customised information requirements, Yellowblox has released bespoke downloadable Excel reports within the system.

For a small fee required to customise reports, end users can create Excel templates which can be downloaded directly from the system pre-formatted to the style and requirements of their business.

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Yellowblox Launches New Coverholder Management Solutions

Yellowblox released today a new series of modular coverholder management solutions for use in the (re)insurance market. Yellowblox has utilised their extensive knowledge of the insurance market combined with their client’s insights to produce a series of modular solution to help manage, process and report coverholder business.

The new solutions build on the existing capabilities of the Yellowblox system to integrate with existing systems and processes to provide a bespoke solution for each customer allowing the seamless integration with their existing business practices whilst streamlining the entire operation. Ideal for Risk Retention Groups, captives, smaller insurers, brokers, MGA’s and reinsurers alike the Yellowblox coverholder management solutions allow information to be exchanged between contractual parties whilst using workflow solutions to manage business practices effectively.

In addition, the new solutions allow users to refer and report on new business within a secure environment that is capable of generating; quotations, debit notes, and policy documentation at the click of a button.

The new Yellowblox solution allow for the streamlining of your business and the delivery of enhanced reports directly to those who need it to make informed decisions so why not call us today to see how Yellowblox could help your business.

Yellowblox Launches New Website

Yellowblox announces a completely new look to their web presence with the launch of their redesigned external website on the 9th of April. The new website has been completely redesigned to streamline the end user experience, enhance services and provide much easier access to information for all Yellowblox clients.

The new website look and feel has been replicated on the internal Yellowblox website (reserved for registered users) providing end users with a smoother experience, much improved workflow and navigation and a simpler user interface to enhance the overall Yellowblox experience.

More information can be found on the new external website whilst registered users can log in, browse the new features and feedback any comments or questions that they may have.

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