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Data and Workflow Customisation

  • Yellowblox can provide you with standard forms for each class of business or to use Acord-based forms. However, there are many classes of business and contract which require specific data items to be collected, and whilst many systems on the market lack the flexibility to cope with this, Yelowblox can help.
  • We can create almost any data form that you can think of, allowing you to collect the information you need to see to make decisions and process contracts.
  • Combine this ability to provide bespoke data forms with our ability to provide both standard and unique workflows, and you have a very powerful database and information management tool that has the best of both worlds – the structure of a formatted database with the flexibility to give you the data items and workflow pertinent to your business, NOT someone else’s.
  • Why not speak to a member of the Yellowblox team today about how we can create bespoke data forms and workflows for your business to help you get the information you need when you need it.

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